Our services and business model are centered around providing (cross-border) research and advice related to law and policy, working with both the EU institutions and for the private sector.

Our EU projects include evaluation studies, impact assessments, and transposition and conformity assessments, among others. For further insights into our work for the public sector see Section “Work areas and Projects”.

Our services for the private sector involve undertaking tailored legal research and policy analysis for private sector clients regarding various research topics pertaining to EU or Member State law and policy. For example, working for our client Google, we have recently published a research paper which explored the potential subjects which might be regulated the EU Commission proposal for a European Media Freedom Act.

Our work often comprises the following tasks:

Legal and Policy Advice

We are skilled in providing tailored legal and policy advice, such as the redrafting of legal instruments and policy recommendations in a broad variety of areas.

Cross-border Research and Analysis

With our extensive network of legal and policy experts based across Europe, we are able to respond to any cross-border legal and policy research question, including the identification, collection and analysis of EU and Member State legislation, case law and policy.

Legal Document Review

Our team have extensive expertise in carrying out expert level reviews and providing legal advice of various types of legal documents, such as contracts and terms and conditions.

Stakeholder Consultation

We have undertaken several research projects for our clients which included a detailed stakeholder consultation. We have access to the methodological, coordination and communication tools needed to conduct a professional, high-quality consultation, be it through virtual mediums or a face-to-face consultation.

Project and Event Management

We have over 10 years of experience in successfully managing EU projects. Serving as a hub, research coordinator and network leader, we ensure the sound application of methodological tools and proper reporting by the national legal and policy experts. Moreover, depending on the needs of our client and the project at hand, we provide tailored and bespoke events management services, including all planning, coordination, and dissemination/outreach aspects of each event.

Tender Management

Our team has a large experience in managing EU tenders, this comprises drafting administrative, technical and financial proposals, finding the best legal and/or policy experts in the relevant fields, and preparing all necessary administrative documents, among others.