Spark Legal and Policy Consulting was established in 2011 as a research consultancy, focusing on law and policy services at EU and national level.

Spark’s unique operating model is based on an extensive network of national legal and policy experts and well-fostered partnerships with universities, institutes, and research centres all over Europe. Working from offices in Brussels and London, Spark aims to create a bridge of knowledge which transcends borders, languages and cultures.

Through its flexible structure, Spark can swiftly respond to client needs, providing a central point of coordination and ensuring a harmonised, comprehensive, and semantically sound approach to research, which carefully considers all legal, policy and cross-border components.

We have over 10 years of experience in successfully completing projects for EU institutions and other organisations.


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Meet our team

Our network of legal and policy experts

Spark’s network comprises legal and policy experts across all EU and EEA countries, and additionally experts from non-EU States such as the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Our network of experts presently consists of over 2000 legal and policy experts, and the network is growing day by day.

We commit to working with only the best experts in each field of law and policy. We are grateful to have strong collaborations with leading research institutions and law firms across the European Union, such as the University of Leiden and the European University Institute in Florence, to name a few. Through our experts, we have access to a broad range of sources and literature (such as legislation, jurisprudence and academic literature) which pertains to all aspects of EU and Member State law and policy. We work closely with of our experts, ensuring that we deliver work of the highest quality, whilst fostering a strong relationship with each expert.

Spark Legal and Policy network - Legal and policy experts